Community/In Home

This service is available for parents whose child has not generalized skills from school or therapy to their home or community environment. For children with developmental delays, such as Autism,  this is a characteristic of their condition. Generalization is such an issue that it is addressed as part of their IEP planning called the Autism Addendum. Inspire Behavior can help both parents and schools with this need.

We Go to the Source- Works for Any Behavior Issues

As  Behavior Analysts, we taught to go to the source of the behavior. As a parent, if you are having behavior issues in anywhere besides our office- then we need to observe that behavior in the environment in which it occurs. Children with AD/HD, social, emotional or cognitive developmental delays almost always need additional training in the community or your home.  Parents overwhelmed and stuck in a embedded behavior pattern can also benefit. Imagine us as your American “SuperNanny”.

Services might include:

  • Toilet Training in Your Home
  • Setting up a Home Behavior Plan
  • Desensitization to a Grocery Store/Shopping/Restaurants
  • How to set up Play dates
  • Setting up Successful Birthday Party’s, Vacations & more